19th century in fashion

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19th century in fashion is famed for its bloomers,[1] bonnets, bustles, corsets[2] and petticoats for women, and top hats[3] and three piece suits with vests for men.


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  • 3 History of 19th century in fashion in western country
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Women’s Fashion[edit]

Women’s fashion gradually revealed her natural body shape. In the 1820s and 1830s, the waistline was lowered to a natural waistline and the skirts became fuller and more bell shaped.[4] Several petticoats were worn and by 1860, steel cages supported the weight of the petticoats. By 1870, a princess line dress cut was used to create a dress without a waist seam and skirts were worn more tightly.[4] Dress sleeves had several variations, but generally long sleeves were worn during the day and short, puffed sleeves on evening dresses. A large shawl was sometimes used outdoors instead of a cloak or coat.

Bonnets and hats were worn outdoors and linen caps were worn indoors until around 1860, when small, elegant hats began to be used in coordination with elaborate hairstyles.[4] Small hats decorated with birds, feathers and artificial flowers were fashionable.

Men’s Fashion[edit]

Early 19th century men’s coats still had tails in the back, but were cut higher in the front.[4] Some fashionable gentlemen wore corsets to give them a smaller waist. Men began wearing long trousers instead of knee breeches. Long trousers were at first used in the daytime,. By 1850, men wore black tail coats and long trousers with a white waistcoat for formal evening dress.[4] During the day, men often wore a frock coat cut at mid-thigh or knee length, a short waistcoat, long trousers and a shirt with a high, stiff collar. Men wore a tall top hat throughout the 19th century.

History of 19th century in fashion in western country[edit]

  • 1795–1820 in fashion
  • 1820s in fashion
  • 1830s in fashion
  • 1840s in fashion
  • 1850s in fashion
  • 1860s in fashion
  • 1870s in fashion
  • 1880s in fashion
  • 1890s in fashion


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