सामने आया ‘मोना लिसा’ का रहस्य | The Mona Lisa Mystery Solved | PhiloSophic

The Mona lisa: Millions of people believe that this world famous painting is the greatest work of art.
Because of her bewitching and enigmatic smile Mona Lisa is the biggest mystery of the world.
Apart of her smile, there are some other secrets surround her: Her Unproven Identity, Her mysterious gaze, why was she painted, why is she so famous, Did Leonardo da vinci hide secret codes in mona lisa?
Mona lisa has remained a big mystery for the last 500 years. But what has been discovered recently about this painting, it seems that mystery of Mona Lisa has finally been solved. Watch this video till the end if you want to know. I am sure you will find it very thrilling and informative.

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