WE STOLE the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR WIG!! (Ellen’s True Identity Revealed)

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In Stephen Sharer last vlog “SEARCHING FOR MYSTERY NEIGHBOR to REVEAL ELLEN’S TRUE IDENTITY!! (Who Is She?)” you saw Stephen Sharer and BEST FRIEND BFF John tried to figure out the TRUE IDENTITY of ELLEN MYSTEY NEIGHBOR as she has been in an UNDERCOVER DISGUISE this entire time. BEST FRIEND BFFs John and Steve went off to find the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN on an OFF ROAD ELECTRIC VEHICLE and tried to trick her with cat noises, a cow bell, the STOLEN PHOTO and confetti poppers. It’s possible that ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR could have fled the neighborhood or country after LIE DETECTOR TEST ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. The like TWIN BROTHERS went to the back alley and spotted the MYSTERY PERSON. John tried to pull off ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR WIG for a TRUE IDENTITY FACE REVEAL but was unsuccessful. Today in Stephen Sharer BRAND NEW Vlog for 2020, Stephen Shar and John decide to try and pull ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR WIG off to REVEAL TRUE IDENTITY. Steven and Jon want to surprise the MYSTERY PERSON with DIY TIKTOK PRANKS using a leaf blower, vacuum, fishing rod and more. The like TWIN BROTHERS wait inside until ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR approaches the SHARER FAM HOUSE and gets inside the NEW GARAGE REVEAL. Just as the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR is about to go into the TOP SECRET ESCAPE ROOM DOOR to enter the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL, Stephen surprises her with the HOMEMADE DIY PRANKS, but nothing seemed to be working. The last chance to remove the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR WIG was to give a SECRET SURPRISE painting of the SHARERGHINI CAR and tie a rope to her wig. ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR starts to walk away and Stephen Sharer yanks the wig off her head. Stephen and John celebrated their SUCCESSFUL PRANKS but then noticed a piece of paper with a SECRET CODE for the TOP SECRET UNDERGROUND BUNKER. Watch today’s vlog to REVEAL MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TRUE IDENTITY!

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