BDO 2020 Mystic Gearing Guide: From ~500 Gear Score to “Endgame”

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First off, this is my opinion. There are many ways to gear up, but this is the way I took and would recommend for any Mid-Game players. This is through the lens of someone who buys their gear instead of enhancing — so some of the caphras/accesory choices I make might not be the “best” bang for buck. But, it should give you a good idea on how to get geared up from this Mid-game place.

I have been playing the game for about 11 months now and you bet I had a lot of questions on how to progress efficiently and fast. I hope this video helps you make the correct step in your mystic (or whichever class you play) journey. Feel free to leave a comment if you are at a particular step in your journey – this video is catered towards Mystics, but can be applied across the board in a general sense.

For gearing up to ~500 Gear Score I’d highly recommend giving this a read – Credits to [CH] Lulu from the mystic discord (
Lulu’s BDO Gearing Guide –

Mystic Guide Videos:
(1/4) Super Armor Video —
(2/4) Frontal Guard & I-Frames —
(3/4) Animation Cancels, Stance Tips & PvP Combo —
(4/4) Movement, Sustain, & Example Mid-Game Skill Rotation —

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