Subscribe to 7-Second Riddles to keep your mind fresh: https://goo.gl/BZSTVh 😉 Here is a huge set of fun mystery riddles! If you score 18 out of 18, then your logical skills are amazing! This set of brain games is a perfect brain warm-up for those of you who love solving zombie puzzles! Improve your logic, memory, and vision with these quizzes and share your results in the comments below!

00:36 – Test your vision and math skills! It all started here, at the cemetery. The chemicals seeped into the soil and… How many newborn zombies can you see?

01:03 – Boost your brain with this brainy puzzle! The morgue wasn’t the safest place either. How many zombies are here?

01:31 – Use your logic to answer this puzzle! You know how people can be…some of us aren’t that smart. Who has a better chance of survival?

02:01 – Another quiz to speed up your brain! Who has a better chance of survival?

02:25 – Try to solve this one before the time is up! Who has a better chance of survival?

02:51 – Boost your vision!Hungry zombies overtook the town…no humans left. Well, almost none. How many humans can you see?

03:15 – Improve your logic with the next riddle! Luckily, you’re still alive. But that zombie mob is after you… BAM! A dead end. 2 doors in front of you. Which one should you hide behind?

04:01 – Test your critical thinking! Now you’re hiding in a dressing room of a big store. A bunch of people come in. People? Or zombies? What do you think?

04:32 – It’s time to think hard and make this difficult choice! 3 doors lead out of the store. But what’s behind them? Better look through the keyholes first. Some blinding light and…Ouch that’s hot! My eye! Hmm, strange red cross… Which door should you open?

05:19 – Here is another difficult choice you have to make! Basement or roof, both well-fortified. Which one’s safer when the zombies come a-knockin’?

05:48 – Think twice to solve this teaser right! Next store, you gotta arm yourself. But you only have time to grab 1 item. What should you grab?

06:36 – Think fast and try to solve this survival riddle before the time is up! A pair of eyes! Zombie eyes! They look familiar… It’s your good friend, or it was! What should you do? Defend yourself with the ax? Or give up and let your friend bite you?

07:07 – Test your brain power with this tricky riddle! You got hold of a car! Get out of town! But first, get some food at the gas station. What food should you take?

07:50 – This tricky puzzle will make you think outside the box! Time to find someplace to make a stand. Zombies hate water! Which is best?

08:21 – Another puzzle to test your logic! The epic zombie-fest winds down. Humans and zombies eventually become friends! Factories even produce soy flesh! Who’s the zombie here?

09:08 – Test your vision with this brain game! Who’s the zombie here?

09:27 – Boost your critical thinking! Which customer’s a zombie?

10:09 – Test your attentiveness! Some humans are even jealous of zombies. A human girl is in love with a zombie. She’s pretending to be one. Which one is human?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many answers you got right!

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