Check this set from 7-Second Riddles and subscribe for more fun stuff! Let’s see if you can solve all these fun mystery riddles đŸ˜‰ Logic riddles and quizzes help you develop your brain health and increase your skills. Keep your mind sharp and have a great time with this awesome set of short and tricky puzzles. And remember, after a couple of weeks of daily brain exercises, you’ll start solving puzzles faster!

00:00 – Give your brain a small warm-up with these tricky visual puzzles! Who isn’t alive?

01:24 – This detective riddle will test your intelligence! Bill’s body was found in the mall! Talk to the suspects and find the criminal!

02:57 – Let’s boost your attentiveness and math skills with this cool brain game! Can you count the zombies?

05:06 – Check out this mind-blowing puzzle that will make you think really hard! How many months did it take?

06:45 – Another survival brain teaser that will test your critical thinking! Where should he go to protect himself?

08:06 – Think outside the box and try to solve this riddle before the time is up! Who can survive this zombie attack?

09:24 – Speed up your brain and test your vision! Can you find a zombie?

11:24 – Improve your math skills and attentiveness! Can you count the vampires?

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which of these tricky puzzles blew your mind!

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