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In Stephen Sharer last vlog “EXPLORING UNDERGROUND TUNNEL with CUSTOM ELECTRIC SPY MACHINES!!” you saw Stephen Sharer head back into the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL to explore a new section. Stephan and BFF John decided to use the OFF ROAD ELECTRIC VEHICLES and add custom HOMEMADE DIY cool features to the Electric power SPY MACHINES. Stephen Sher led the way to EXPLORE the MYSTERY TUNNEL on a MISSION to find the HIDDEN UNDERGROUND BUNKER. More SPY GADGETS were needed to explore the rest of the SECRET TUNNEL to discover more clues. Today in Stephen Sharer BRAND NEW Vlog for 2020, Stephen and BEST FRIEND BFF John explore the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL at night. Stephen and John get back from a long drive in the SHARERGHINI to discover that it’s now 3 am. When they were closing the NEW GARAGE REVEAL, Stephen spotted a MYSTERY PERSON running across the driveway. John and Steve decide to explore the MYSTERY TUNNEL and gather NINJA SPY GADGETS for the CHALLENGE. Once BEST FRIEND BFF John and Stephan Sher got in the the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL, they discover that Stephen’s DREAM BEDROOM TOUR has been destroyed and STARBURST CANDY had been eaten from the kitchen. The like TWIN BROTHERS continue down the tunnel to discover where is ends, but hear a MYSTERY PERSON that sounds like a snake. John goes back to check what the sound is and if ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR PERSON is in the SECRET TUNNEL. Steve and John continue on their SPY MISSION to find out the HIDDEN SECRETS of the tunnel, but see the WORLDS BIGGEST flashlight and footsteps coming their way from a MYSTERY PERSON. The CHALLENGE inside the BACKYARD UNDERGROUND BUNKER took an unexpected turn when the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR was spotted. Watch today’s vlog to find out more SECRET CLUES and which SHARER FAM member won a SWAG PACK!


Lucas and Marcus Someone DID THIS TO OUR HOUSE.. (not a prank) https://youtu.be/baV8ooUGAmI

Pencilmation Pencilmate’s Swim In Soup! | Animated Cartoons Characters | Animated Short Films | Pencilmation https://youtu.be/i8BPAqd34Pg

Unspeakable LAST To Leave The BOUNCY HOUSE Challenge! https://youtu.be/5X4mt5klbkU

SSSniperwolf Creative People On Another Level 2 https://youtu.be/QnPDQanvMiY

Grace Sharer $10,000 Prank on Mystery Neighbor (Testing TikTok Life Hacks) https://youtu.be/tPrp-dBfmKM

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