In Grace Sharer last vlog “10,000 BATH BOMBS VS BACKYARD POOL CHALLENGE (Pond Monster Spotted)” you saw Grace Sharer Momma Sharer Baby Otter and Cooper Sharer were looking at the new fanmail that has arrived to the SHARER FAM HOUSE that is made by all of the Sharers. Grace also then shows how if you get first comment you will win some free merch in this brand new giveaway! As Grace is talking about the fan mail, there is MOTION DETECTED in the front yard which means someone could be spying on Grace Sharer to Discover what she is doing. As Grace investigates further, she discovers a note on the front door that is written on pink paper very similar to the paper that the PINK and GREEN MASKED PERSON uses to leave notes behind when they are spying on the SHARER FAM. Like last time the Pink and Green masked person came by, they have a BRAND NEW SHARER FAM CHALLENGE for todays vlog. This challenge is the 10000 Bathbombs challenge in which Grace must get into the MINI POOL except its still very cold and windy which means it will be very chilly in the pool. As Grace is setting up this challenge, her pet dogs BABY OTTER AND COOPER SHARER are wearing their swimming clothes and are ready to hop in the pool! Grace then tests one bath bomb in her mini pool before dumping all 100 in but after seeing it works, she is ready to begin the challenge! Right before Grace dumps all of them in, she sees that there is money floating in the pool left over from the bath bomb. This means if each bath bomb has a money prize whats inside, then Grace and Momma Sharer might be doing a $10000 DOLLAR MONEY SURPRISE CHALLENGE without even knowing it! You won’t believe what happens next when Grace Sharer gets into the bathtub and finds the ULTIMATE MONEY WINNER PRIZE! Today in Grace Sharer Brand New Vlog for 2020, Grace is peeking outside because there is movement inside the Bath Bomb pool that Grace used in her last video. After discovering a GIANT MYSTERY EGG in the pond after all of the Bath Bombs dissolved, Grace is worried that the Masked Person could be working with the POND MONSTER and its especially concerning because Grace’s PET DOGS Baby Otter and Cooper Sharer are outside in Sharer Fam House Backyard! Luckily Grace manages to get the dogs inside but they are scared! Because its almost summer time again, Grace and Momma Sharer think it may be the POND MONSTER outside or something similar. Grace then tries to collect evidence search clues to discover how many MONSTERS could be outside as well as what they could be after! As Grace sneaks outside, she sees that there are mini monsters making strange clicking noises inside the mini pool but not only that, it looks like the monsters are causing the water inside the pool to turn black. Grace then gathers some supplies and spy ninja gadgets before heading back outside to discover what the Monsters are but when she gets there she sees that they have escaped! Grace then follows the dogs down to the pond where she finally sees whats going one, you won’t believe what happens next when Grace sees the POND MONSTER CAGE broken open with a pink letter on it!

▶︎ Gloom I Tried Painting Spaceman Looking For Earth (Acrylic “Art”) https://youtu.be/0a6tjdEecpw
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▶︎ AzzyLand WHAT COULD GO WRONG … ? https://youtu.be/D82re63Q2Sk
▶︎ Rebecca Zamolo Extreme Trust Challenge Off Balcony In Real Life! (Rebecca Vs. Game Master Agents) https://youtu.be/eD5yH5ZwS_k ———————————————————————-

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