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00:28 – Here is the first teaser to warm up your logic! The guys got lost in the forest. They drove around. Then they saw a gloomy old house. The door was open…creepy. They went in… There was a big dark hallway. Suddenly bright lights flooded the hallway. An old scientist stood there, looking spooky. The scientist: “Welcome, I’m Dr. Turner.” Mike: “You’re not real!” Why did Mike say that?

01:18 – Let’s test your critical thinking 😉 The hologram invited Mike, John, and Steve into the living room. The scientist: “Yeah, you’re right. It’s just my hologram. But I am alive. I’m in my office right now. This just makes it easier for me. I’m not really into talking to strangers.” Mike: “No way! You passed away ages ago.” Why didn’t Mike believe the scientist?

01:55 – Test your attentiveness and find what’s wrong! The scientist: “Ok, ok, I’m not Dr. Turner. I’m his house. I’m programmed to be hospitable. Why don’t you stay the night? I’ll show you to your room. The hologram vanished. Hmm… There was something wrong with the room. What?

02:42 – Speed up your logical thinking! The 3 guys ran into the hallway. Front door: Locked. They’re trapped! They found Dr. Turner’s office. There was an old computer on the desk. The screen was on. It wanted a three-figure password. Steve: “Only six possible combos!” How did Steve know that?

03:20 – Boost your logic and memory! Look at the keyboard. Three of the keys are super worn down. They’re the password…but in what order? A couple of tries later… They were in. Crazy! The scientist programmed his house to enslave the world. There’s a hypnosis program…it’s gonna start in an hour! It’s all up to Mike, John and Steve! But where’s the program? Mike: “This dude passed away a while ago. How does the hologram run with no electricity?” John: “Remember what we saw when we drove up to the house?” What did John remember?

04:20 – Now use all your logic and think twice! Gotta disconnect the solar panels! No time to waste! Mike, John, and Steve rushed up a wide staircase. But the house sensed danger… The floor opened up. They fell into a cellar…with no doors! How’re they gonna get out… They stood on each other’s shoulders. Mike, John… and Steve was on top. Steve put his arms up… He couldn’t reach the ledge! What should the friends do?

05:12 – It’s time to make a difficult choice! Back to the staircase…again. This time the house split the staircase into 3! Each one goes through a portal. Which portal should the friends choose?

05:58 – Another riddle to boost your IQ! Max, John, and Steve walked through the portal…carefully. Ok, second floor. They saw an attic door. There was a ladder nearby. That’s lucky! They put it up against the wall. But the bottom rungs were missing. How can they get to the attic?

06:40 – This last brain teaser will blow your mind! Creepy dusty attic. The hologram stood in their way. The hologram: “Don’t switch me off! If you do, the computer will lock everything down! You’ll be trapped here forever.” But the house was bluffing. There wasn’t any real danger. Why?

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