LIE DETECTOR TEST Interview Prank on Mystery Neighbor (Ultimate Secret Truth Reveal)

In Grace Sharer last vlog “MYSTERY NEIGHBOR LAB RESULTS DELIVERED (Twin Identity Reveal)” you saw Grace and the Sharer Fam check their mailbox at the top secret Sharer Fam Safe House to see if the Evidence Lab Results have come back from the TOP SECRET SPY LABORATORY similar to Stephen Sharer “Mystery Mixture Sent to TOP SECRET LABORATORY for Evidence Testing!! (Twin POND MONSTERS Spotted)”. While waiting for the UPS Truck mailman delivery, Grace discovers another hidden listening device tracker gadget that the Mystery Neighbor must have placed similar to the one found in Stephen Sharer “ELECTRIC SCOOTER CHASE to SPY ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR!! (Tracking Device Evidence Found)”! After Grace reviews the footage from her vlog “NEW CHRISTMAS HOUSE TOUR Surprising My Brother Stephen Sharer!! (Mystery Neighbor Prank)”, she sees the the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SNUCK INTO THE SHARER FAM HOUSE and placed the tracking device inside a stocking! You won’t believe your eyes when Grace hears the doorbell ring and the Sharer Fam sees that the evidence lab results have finally been delivered, except when they grab the results, the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN STEALS them right out of Grace’s hand! They chase the Mystery Neighbor Twin around the Sharer Fam house all the way to the backyard secret entrance which is the same entrance the Mystery Neighbor Twins Snuck in at 3AM in Stephen Sharer “FOUND MYSTERY NEIGHBOR SLEDDING on BACKYARD SKI SLOPE at 3AM!! (Evil Twin Spotted)”. Grace runs super fast and steals the SECRET SPY LAB MYSTERY EVIDENCE ENVELOPE from the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN! Today Grace Sharer and Stephen Sharer and their best friend John finally get home after intercepting the time machine gadget from the Post Office UPS Store. They learned while in LA after searching for the mystery neighbor twins seen in Stephen Sharer “FOLLOWING MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN for 24 HOURS!! (Found Stolen Time Machine Spy Gadget)” that the Mystery Neighbor Twin Ellen was sending the Top Secret Stolen Time Machine Spy Gadget to her Twin Sister Karen back home near the Original Sharer Fam house in Virginia! They must hide the recovered Time Machine Gadget inside the Sharer Fam house because they know the Mystery Neighbor Twin will be back soon. They hide the Secret Agent Spy Gadget inside the Worlds Smallest escape room inside the Sharer Fam House so that way the Mystery Neighbor Twin will not be able to do a PRANK ON GRACE SHARER and find the Hidden New Tech Computer! Similar to Brent Rivera “Caught My Little Sister Cheating on her “Boyfriend!?” (**Prank)” Grace comes up with an EPIC PRANK ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN idea and invited the Mystery Neighbor over to the house to trick her. While the mystery neighbor isn’t looking, Grace puts a SUPER RARE LIMITED EDITION SECRET AGENT TRACKING DEVICE LIE DETECTOR onto her back! Similar to Rebecca Zamolo “Lie Detector Test on BEST FRIEND to Find TRUTH! (Game Master Brother Reveal) | Rebecca Zamolo” grace questions the Twin about her Twin Sister and why they stole the Time Maxine Gadget and why they are BREAKING INTO SHARER FAM HOUSE! After using her lie detector to get as much EVIDENCE CLUES as possible, the mystery neighbor realizes something is sneaky and tries to escape from the Sharer Fam before being caught!

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