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We’re the SimplySquad:

I’m Roman Grothaus, creator and producer of Simply Unlucky, Simply Pokemon, and just Yugioh (SimplyUnluckyTV). SU is among the greatest card game or desktop opening review shows in the world! Mainly getting Yugioh Cards: Box, Pack, Deck Profiles, Tin, Structure, Starter, Duel and Top Ten videos. Through Unboxings we could review product and open it up along with the viewers. It may be the very best, Massive, Godly, Exciting, Nostalgic, Lucky, or Unlucky. We open classic completely to new Yugioh cards, varying from: Yu-Gi-Oh, GX, 5Ds, Zexal, Arc V, and Vrains! We’ve different series like: Booster Box Battles, 100 pack Extravaganza, and also the MASTER Set. Hopefully you discover some videos you undoubtedly Enjoy! Yes we are huge TCG players and all sorts of possess a strong passion for these different games! We play a variety of games: Magic the range, Weiss Schwarz, Carfight Vanguard, Naruto, and Pressure of Will. Finally, let me Open the very best Card Shop on the planet (Hobby Shop: cards, comics, games, desktop, game titles, online shop, Toys, and all sorts of other Simply Shenanigans, a Gamer’s Paradise).

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