Missing Man’s Car Found DEEP In The Desert: The Mysterious Disappearance of Warren Hagyard

Today, we are going to actual location of the incredible unsolved mystery: Coyote Gorge. In 2014, Warren Hagyard mysteriously disappeared here with no trace. He remains military services weapons person even today. The only real clue he left out was his blue Honda, that was found stuck within the creek bed of Coyote Gorge. He completely disappeared. Search and save teams combed the whole area looking for Warren, but were not able to locate any trace of him. We are venturing out right now to conduct our very own analysis and find out when we will find any strange clues…

This location is amazingly desolate and creepy. How did Warren finish up here? This might forever remain an unsolved mystery. Warren’s missing persons situation appears to suit the Missing 411 criteria, however, that’s as much as David Paulides to determine. Come along today on the analysis into this strange cold situation…


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