Most People Don’t Know Wine Moves Like This | EVERYDAY MYSTERY

Wine legs also known as wine tears or wine fingers are stranger compared to what they appear.

Take a look at Vsauce3 Are You Able To Survive the films!

https://world wide

Zero G with Veritasium and e-penser:

https://world wide

Bursting Dropletes – The Lutetium Project

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Because of

Creator/Host: Dianna Cowern

Editor: Levi Butner

Author: Anna Leonard

Producer: Imogen Ashford

Because of Yonatan Dukler, Hangjie Ji, and Claudia Falcon!


Dukler et. Al Paper

Tears of wine: new insights with an old phenomenon

https://world wide

Ars Technica

APS Conference

Bertozzi Research

https://world wide

Tears of Wine 1992

Royal Society Marangoni Effects in Welding

Weld Transmission

https://world wide

Comsol good picture of the surface of wine

https://world wide

An in depth study of semiconductor wafer drying (use of marangoni effect)

https://world wide

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