WildCraft new update!! Mystic cheetah skin, new world and more!

Presenting Wild Club: completely unique content, x2 experience, daily and weekly rewards.

” new world “: Valley of Giants.

New pets: cheetah cub, warthog, flamingo, meerkat.

New dens: treehouse and pirate ship.

New living room item sets.

Mystic cheetah skins.

Pet actions added.

Halloween clothes to any or all creatures.

Decreased prices of safes, epic and supreme chests.

Follow Instagram: https://world wide web.instagram.com/jegecskee_therealpb

Simply: jegecskee_therealpb

Here you are able to you can ask!

Kövess be Instagramon: jegecskee_therealpb

Itt nyugodtan kérdezhetsz!

#wildcraft #update

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