Mystic Sanctuary Will Have Them Drowning In The Loch Over And Over Again

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We attempt out Mike Black’s Mystic Sultai deck he required to SCG Indiana that utilizes a lot of new Throne of Eldraine cards!

Mike Black

Mystic Sultai

4 Drown within the Loch

3 In to the Story

3 Mystic Sanctuary

1 Field from the Dead

1 Arcum’s Astrolabe

1 Pressure of Negation

2 Assassin’s Trophy

1 Field of Ruin

4 Fatal Push

1 Torrential Gearhulk

1 Snow-Covered Swamp

1 Sunken Hollow

1 Abrupt Decay

4 Thought Scour

4 Snapcaster Mage

1 Deny

1 Snow-Covered Forest

4 Misty Rainforest

3 Cryptic Command

1 Spell Snare

4 Opt

1 Island

4 Polluted Delta

1 Flooded Strand

1 Watery Grave

1 Breeding Pool

2 Scalding Tarn

2 Pulse of Murasa

2 Snow-Covered Island


2 Oko, Crook of Crowns

2 Plague Engineer

1 Pressure of Negation

1 Weather the Storm

1 Assassin’s Trophy

2 Ceremonious Rejection

1 Disdainful Stroke

2 Surgical Extraction

1 Spell Snare

2 Engineered Explosives

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