Mohit Chauhan with Sadhguru: Kisse, Kahani with the Mystic

Watch Mohit Chauhan in conversation with Sadhguru, in the inauguration of Kathakar – Worldwide Storytellers’ Festival, Delhi.

13:50 – What sort of a child had you been ? How was your experience becoming an adult hearing tales during different seasons?

18:08 – Have you got any favorite incident inside your childhood ?

26:56 – Sadhguru explains about “having to pay attention” as well as discusses his grandmother.

42:48 – Please inform us concerning the story of Lord Shiva and just how did you discover Adiyogi the very first time.

46:03 – Please inform us much more about the statue of Adiyogi within the ashram and also the connection to velliangiri mountain tops.

1:07:11 – So how exactly does story telling alternation in this chronilogical age of today’s technology ?

1:26:19 – Have you got any ghost story out of your encounters within the mountain tops ?

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is really a spiritual master having a difference. An arresting mixture of profundity and pragmatism, his existence and work works as a indication that yoga is really a contemporary science, vitally highly relevant to our occasions.

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