LIVE Mystery claw machine Monday giveaway! Gift card, plush and more!

The Crane Couple is Love another episode of Mystery claw machine Monday! Come come along once we play our table tennis dropper claw machine live and host a giveaway for many great plush along with other prizes!

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NOTE: It is nothing to enter. You have to pay absolutely nothing to join the claw machine queue.


-Whenever we open the queue, type !join to go in and wait to become at random selected!

-Whenever your name is selected, we’ll possess the claw machine get a ball and drop it in to the play field.

-In case your ball arrives at the yellow place, we’ll incorperate your name to the awesome board!

-In case your ball arrives at the red place, you choose our mystery lockers – and we’ll ship the prize inside for you!

-In case your ball arrives at the eco-friendly place, we’ll autograph our awesome photo cards and send it for you!

-You’ll want a parent or gaurdianOrguardian’s permission to experience.

-You’ve got to be in a position to provide your shipping address to all of us through our Discord server. Make certain to participate early so that you can call us!

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The Crane Couple

PO Box 532662

North Park, CA 92153

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