Mystic Crock – Samsara (2016)

Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)

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SAMSARA in Buddhist and Hindu philosophy means the wheel of existence, periodic birth, growth, decay, dying and rebirth. Samsara has inspired Mystic Crock to create his fifth studio album.

He processed their own encounters throughout the production period. Cheerful, passionate moods alternate with darkness and sadness, getting hope to locate a new, fulfilling feeling of self.

Mystic Crock stepped deep in to the essence of meditation and yoga and considered psychedelic connections in our world.

Each song follows the road of Samsara, from birth – to existence – towards the finish.

tags: ambient chillout downbeat psybient psychill Berlin

Artist: Mystic Crock

Drive: Samsara

Release Date: November 7, 2016

Label: Nomad Records


Genre: Psychedelic

Style: Ambient, Psychill, Downtempo

Format: mp3

Bitrate: 320kbps

Quantity of tracks: 08

Duration: 68:07

Size: 158Mb (+ 3% Information for recovery)


1. Mystic Crock – Twilight 09:24

2. Mystic Crock – Fly Away 08:22

3. Mystic Crock – Circle Of Live 07:56

4. Mystic Crock – Between Days 08:48

5. Mystic Crock – Mourning 08:51

6. Mystic Crock – Daydreamer 08:54

7. Mystic Crock – The Appearance 08:44

8. Mystic Crock – New Land 07:03

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Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)
Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)
Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)
Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)
Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)

Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)

Mystic Crock - Samsara (2016)

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