PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments Ep. 309

An accumulation of our very best highlights in PUBG!

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Clip 1: itsMeanGuy

Clip 2: Musik Lunatic

Clip 3: BreaK

Clip 4: KingStuugieTV

Clip 5: LotusTheOwl

https://world wide

Clip 6: P4wnyhof

Clip 7: Musik Lunatic

Clip 8: ArtemPrime

https://world wide

Clip 9: Avori

Clip 10: Lil_Quad

Clip 11: PUBG CUSTOMS- XBOX on facebook

Clip 12: Imallaboutcool

Clip 13: Hunter 297

Clip 14: iytme

https://world wide

Clip 15: PUBG CUSTOMS-XBOX on facebook


https://world wide

Clip 17: PUBG CUSTOMS-XBOX on facebook

Clip 18: KingStuugieTV

Clip 19: zhedann

https://world wide

Clip 20: GThang

Clip 21: hugepwnr

Clip 22: MrM33s33ks

Clip 23: Xxotoconxx

Clip 24: Mutra

https://world wide

Clip 25: Park_Chaeyoung

Clip 26: Mutra

https://world wide

Clip 27: Azariara

https://world wide

Clip 28: UtaMutaHuna

https://world wide

Clip 29: OfficialAndyPyro

Clip 30: khristopherushka

https://world wide

Clip 31: First Killer

Clip 32: bald eagle

Please be aware: PUBG TV has the player’s permission to feature their clip. If a person posted your clip, claiming it had been their own please email

Editing by HoHoJoe

Twitch: https://world wide



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