Hard MYSTERY Riddles to Test your Eyes

Doing a bit of more mystery crime riddles with this old pal, the famous Jay in the KubzScouts not to mention me (gloom also known as the mad genius 🙂 We’ll convey more new riddles videos for you personally around the weekend!

Watch Jay’s Video here: https://youtu.be/czcFXy9hTcg

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My TIK TOK is @gloomdog, here is a link: http://vm.tiktok.com/JTHb8L/


I am Kassie, also referred to as Gloom! I am a range gamer who game play commentary on indie games and a few bigger titles too. I additionally do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever enables you to goof balls giggle.


I actually do my favorite to upload in a couple of occasions per week (unless of course my existence is really a mess).

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