Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery…

Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...


Well hello there Supreme family! Welcome back to your favorite entertainment channel on YouTube – The Supreme! Today is a special day. Why, you may ask? Well that’s a fairly personal question, don’t you think? Haha nah I’m just joking. The reason is pretty simple – we have a brand-new episode lined up for you, and we can’t wait for you to see it! So, without further delay – today’s title is Everyone MUST See This Strange Mystery! Want to become part of the Supreme Team? Make sure to subscribe down below with notifications ON so you don’t miss anything we post each day! Let’s get rollin!

10 Tree Huggers

Since we got you all gathered here for another brand-new episode – let’s just get right to it! Up first we have some very strange video that recently surfaced online. Check it out, we’re in an unknown location where a lady named Susan is doing some exploring in the woods. Everything starts fine and good, but then Susan comes across a tree that looks very, very strange. This tree appears to have some type of very strange bark, doesn’t it? Why do you think that is? Well – upon further investigation it turns out that this strange tree bark, in fact, isn’t even tree bark at all – but instead, there are dozens and dozens of caterpillars positioned in a very strange pattern! What the heck – why would they be doing this? For all of our animal lovers out there, that question was for you! Seriously, why?

9 Strange Behavior
So up next we have some more strange footage that was shot in the woods, and this time we’re in the great state of Florida. A YouTuber named Jimmy Dillard, who’s an avid hunter, had left his video camera in the woods to see if he could capture some video of the deer that lived near his home. Anyway, it wasn’t until after he had watched the video back that he realized he had captured some very strange activity on his camera. Check it out. Strange, wild screams can be heard – and they sound very, very strange. Check it out…What the heck – what do you think that could be? Several of these types of screams can be heard over the next several minutes, and at one point you can even see where rocks are actually thrown at the camera as well. So, what do you think could be going on here?
8 The Burning Ghost
So, let’s keep it moving right along today as our next clip is extremely strange, and to be honest – I don’t really have any idea what to say about it – so I’m just gonna go ahead and let the clip actually do most of the talking. I’ll set the stage as best I can though, so check it out. A guy is driving down a path along the woods in Southern Mexico, when he notices something off in the distance that appears to be – on fire. As he drives closer to the bright light, it becomes more and more clear about what he’s witnessing. It appears to be someone – or something – on fire. Yes, literally on fire. What the heck could that be? The being – whatever it was – appeared and disappeared just moments from each other. According to comments found in the original post – there are some locals out there who truly believe that this was in fact a burning ghost, and that explains why it was only on screen for a few moments before it just totally disappeared.

7 Spinal Cord Regeneration
So up next we have some actual news – hey, go figure that, right? Recently, in February of 2019, a pretty remarkable discovery was made in the animal world. This little eel-like animal right here is called a lamprey, and it’s essentially a jawless fish that looks a lot like an eel. The recent discovery may be significant in helping people with spinal injuries – which would be a huge win for the medical industry. Anyway, the superhuman ability that these little guys have is the rare ability to regenerate its spinal cord – not once, but twice! Scientists are looking at the molecules involved in this super cool ability, and if they can duplicate what they find then that would certainly be an extreme medical breakthrough.
6 The Heart Shaped Meteor
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Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...
Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...
Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...
Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...
Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...

Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...

Everyone MUST SEE This Strange Mystery...

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