Big Alpana designs/Innovative Designs by Art Gallery

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I have drawn this design with earth colour.

Rangoli : Rangoli is an art form practiced in mainly in Nepal,India and Bangladesh,which is also known as Alpana.Rangoli is a type of designs, which is drawn on the floor and on the wall,or on the entrance of the house or in the corner and border of the floor. .Sometimes,the materials used for Rangoli or Alpana designs,are dust or liquid.Coloured rice powder,dry flour,coloured sands,flower petals,liquid earth colours ,sindur,haldi or colourful powder.Rangoli is usually made during Diwali or Tihar,Sankranti,onam,pongal,and several Bengali festivals and pujas such as Laxmi puja,Saraswati puja,Durga puja,Holi,Navaratri,Nepalese festivals etc.

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