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Fashion One is a 24-hour New York City-based television network founded by German entrepreneur, Michael Gleissner and owned by the Miami Beach, Florida-based entertainment company, Bigfoot Entertainment. Officially launched in New York City on April 8, 2010, the New York City-based television network broadcasts programming related to fashion, entertainment and lifestyle showcasing hottest lingerie, trends, behind the scenes, backstage, photography, beauty fix, make up, fashion week, discover fashion, travel, famous capitals, destination, lifestyle, photo shoot, beauty, sexy hot, glamour, collection, portrait and runaway internationally across multiple platforms, including direct-to-home satellite television, cable television, internet television and internet protocol television with two international fashion week city such as London, and New York City. This channel slogan motto tagline its Hottest Lingerie Trends Behind The Scenes Backstage Photography Beauty Fix Make Up Fashion Week Discover Fashion Travel Famous Capitals Destination Lifestyle Photo Shoot Beauty Sexy Hot Glamour Collection Portrait Runaway.

Fashion One’s corporate office are located in the Fashion One, One Astor Plaza, 1515 Broadway, Times Square neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City which studios and productions facility are located in the Harper’s Bazaar, Hearst Tower, 300 West 57th Street or 959 Eighth Avenue, near Columbus Circle, Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, and its transmitter is located at the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center.


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Michael Gleissner, a German entrepreneur founded and established the channel and its parent company, Miami Beach, Florida-based Bigfoot Entertainment, in 2004.[1][2] The Fashion One Channel was officially launched in New York City on April 8, 2010 under Fashion One Television LLC.[3] It was initially available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to millions of households across free-to-air and direct-to-home satellites. It was then distributed globally via three satellites, namely the Galaxy 19 at 97°W, Hot Bird at 13°E and AsiaSat 3S at 105.5°E. The channel raised US$14 million in September to boost its in-house production slate as well as expanding its reach by adding more satellite television capacity and upgrading existing broadcasts to Full HD.[4] Fashion One TV network later expanded its operation in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Africa, Western Europe and the United States[5] It updated its production format from Full HD to Ultra HD in 2014 and officially launched Fashion 4K under the Fashion One television network on September 1, 2015.[6]


Fashion One’s programming is divided into two categories: core programming and original programming. The core programming primarily consists of content which is provided by external parties, while the original programming is produced by the network itself.

Original programming[edit]

  • Front Row (since 2012, 2 seasons) – critiquing fashion shows hosted by Rachel Anthony with Sam Simmons and Kiri Bloore
  • Design Genius (since 2013, 3 seasons) – reality series competition starring Dan Babic[7] and Sandra Bakkar
  • Eco Fashion (since 2012, 2 seasons) – documentary series focusing on sustainable fashion.
  • Fashion One Correspondent Search (since 2012, 2 seasons) – reality TV competition, featuring Fam Irvoll, Tom Van Der Boght and Zoe Van Gastel.
  • Underwater Action (since 2011, 3 seasons) – reality series model competition, known as Outer Space in Blue on the Mandarin channel.
  • From Corsets to Catwalk (2012, 1 season) – historical fashion talk show hosted by Rocio Vidal and Carmen Yvette.
  • Yoga Health and Wellbeing (1 season) – lifestyle program exploring yoga and meditation.
  • Model Workout (1 season) – fitness program that follows different runway models and their workout routines.
  • Model Yoga (2011, 1 season) – health and wellness program hosted by Chelsea Hunter.
  • Stefanie’s Style Diaries (since 2013, 6 seasons) – fashion travel show starring Stefanie Rycraft Jones
  • Fashion Filmmakers (2013, 1 season) – reality series following a film-making competition starring Nicola Claire Johnson and Reveka Kogan.
  • Style Wars (2013, 1 season) – reality series competition hosted by Rachel Anthony.
  • Dining with Style (2014, 1 season) – program focusing on food and drink with Stefanie Rycraft Jones and Vanessa Adonis.
  • Elite Model Look (since 2014, 2 seasons) – documentary chronicling models as they work for Elite Model Agency.
  • Fashion on a Plate (2014, 1 season) – fashion and cooking series
  • Fashion Frontline (since 2012, 3 seasons) – fashion news show, broadcast in both English and Spanish, hosted by Tiffany Schultz and Rocio Vidal.
  • From the Runway – interviews and commentary from designers, models and make-up artists
  • One to Watch – following emerging talent in the fashion industry
  • One on One – examining the lives and personalities of successful women in all industries.
  • Beauty Fix – series offering reviews, advice, and tips on beauty and skincare trends.
  • Fashion Exposed – interviews, fashion advice, and trend reports from various people in the fashion industry.
  • Invitation Only – access to special fashion events and interviews with celebrities and models.
  • Passport to Fashion – follows models, designers, and other industry insiders as they show viewers their favorite places to shop, eat, and relax.
  • What’s “Haute”? – show focusing on luxury and glamour and features fine dining, art galleries, and high-end fashion.
  • Street Style – series highlighting global street style with special guest appearances from stylists and bloggers.
  • Sound of Fashion – show exploring the “fashion film” media form.

Other channels[edit]

Fashion One television network also includes the channels Fashion One HD, Fashion 4K and Fashion One 4K.

Fashion One 4K[edit]

Fashion One 4K is a satellite television channel broadcast in Asia, Latin America and North America that operates under the Fashion One television network. The channel was officially launched on September 1, 2015, and is the first English language free-to-air channel to broadcast in 4K resolution (or Ultra High Definition) in the continents mentioned above.[8]

Fashion One also officially launched its sister channel Fashion 4K in Europe, making both channels the first true international launch of an Ultra HD channel.[9]


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