Why Chanel & Vuitton now cost even more ǀ The corona-effect & its consequences

Why Chanel & Vuitton now cost even more: the corona-effect is visible in the luxury industry and luxury brands have reacted in a way that doesn’t seem right… Why did Chanel and Vuitton raise their retail prices during a pandemic? Will other brands follow? What does it mean for second-hand (pre-loved) designer pieces?

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* Chanel handbags (pre-owned): https://bit.ly/3gufEQM
I selected only very-good and never-worn condition. I saw medium-size “Boy” bags going for €2500 while the “NEW” price is now over $5000 in the US and €4900 in France. The bags that aren’t in leather but in fabric/canvas tend to be slightly over-priced & don’t retain their value as well as the leather ones.
*Louis Vuitton MM (medium size) monogram canvas handbag (pre-owned): https://bit.ly/3d77ZG1
At the moment, I recommend to shop here rather than on TheRealReal, where they already raised prices to match the “NEW” price increase! And VS ships worldwide so no problem.
When shopping for pre-owned bags, make sure that you find the correct “new price” reference (from May 2020, not October 2019 or march 2020) to be sure of what you are buying.
Do also double-check which size you are purchasing: all brands have several formats that are priced differently (and second-hand websites aren’t good at including the exact measurements in the product descriptions – so if you aren’t sure, ask the seller first!).
A good resource to check bag dimensions is: http://www.chanelprices.com/s/chanel-bag-dimensions.html (and you see that there is a Chanel Boy “medium” and a Boy “new medium” so beware 😉


* Jewelry: http://bit.ly/2Fv7fML
(shipping normally)
Lipstick: Givenchy



Luxury Brands Brace for Price Hikes, Entry-Level Items in China Rebound
Bridget Foley’s Diary: Chanel’s COVID-19-Era Price Hikes
+ WWD & other news outlets
+ Business of Fashion
+ brand & multi-brand websites

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