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In Grace Sharer last vlog “FOUND MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TOP SECRET BACKYARD SAFE HOUSE BUNKER !!!” you saw Grace Sharer wanted to find the HIDDEN CLUES and SOLVE THE MYSTERY of the TOP SECRET MISSION. Grace and Mama Sharer explored the creepy BACKYARD RIVER near where the POND MONSTER NESTS was located. It looked like a POND MONSTER or MYSTERY CREATURE animal shed their skin and created THE WORLD LARGEST nests in the SHARER FAM HOUSE BACKYARD RIVER. Baby Otter Sharer and Cooper Sharer dogs showed to help EXPLORING SHARER FAM BACKYARD RIVER. Grace Sher and Mama Sharer followed the creek line the find the POND MONSTER and dug up BRAND NEW MYSTERIOUS CLUES. The SHARER FAM DOGS led the group down the forest and EXPLORED for NEW EVIDENCE. Down the MYSTERIOUS TRAIL appeared a TOP SECRET TREEHOUSE that might be from the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. Right when Otter Sharer was about to EXPLORE THE TOP SECRET TREEHOUSE, the GREEN AND PINK MASKED PERSON came out behind the forest. Today in Grace Sharer Brand New Vlog for 2020, Grace Sharer is EXPLORING TOP SECRET BUNKER to look for HIDDEN CLUES. Mama Sharer brought NINJA SPY GADGETS to help SEARCH FOR NEW EVIDENCE about the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. No sign of the PINK AND GREEN MASK as Baby Otter Sharer and Cooper Sharer were on the lookout. Grace Sher and Mama Sharer cross the BACKYARD RIVER and spot the TOP SECRET BUNKER. Grace Sharer takes her SPY GADGET LISTENING DEVICE to hear for a POND MONSTER or MYSTERY NEIGHBOR PERSON. Just when Grace Sherer thought no one was inside the UNDERGROUND BUNKER, a GREEN MASK MYSTERY PERSON came outside. It’s not the PINK AND GREEN MASK but a BRAND NEW HACKER. Grace finally got inside the TOP SECRET BUNKER and revealed the MASTER PLAN to TAKE OVER THE SHARER FAM HOUSE. TOP SECRET HIDDEN CLUES were about to be found when GRACE SHARER TRAPPED INSIDE UNDERGROUND BUNKER! Watch today’s vlog to REVEAL NEW EVIDENCE about the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR!

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