👉 You will see me in my underwear in this video. If you have a problem with that please don’t watch it. Thank you 😊 (ps. underwear is Kat The Label)

WATCH NEXT 👉 “How to wear neutral colours in Spring & Summer”

This video is all about how to wear neutral colours! I create 20 outfit ideas using neutral colours from my wardrobe. I want to show you the versatility of having neutral coloured clothes in your wardrobe and how to style them to look effortless and chic!

** Side note: I would love to know what you think of this new style of video! Do you like seeing the close-ups of the items? Comment below! **

2019 fashion trends are favouring beige coloured clothes. Beige can be a hard colour for some to wear, but usually thats because the wrong beige has been chosen. Not every shade of beige is right for every skin tone. If you’re worried about wearing beige, I recommend trying something on with a good friend and getting them to give you honest feedback about how the colour goes with your skin. (And try a good array of tones! You will eventually find the right one for you!)

A camel coat is a must have this autumn! As you can tell by this video, I tend to shop at similar shops! I love my ZARA camel coat, I have had it for years and every year it is once again wearable! This year I found matching full-length camel trousers (also from ZARA) and by pairing it together it almost looks like a full camel suit. I love this look with a white t-shirt. Has this video inspired you to wear more neutral colours?

This video should give you ideas for the following:
– how to wear beige pants
– how to wear a camel coat
– how to wear camel pants
– how to style neutral colours
– autumn outfit ideas

I kept spring summer 2019 fashion trends in the back of my mind when I was creating these looks. I want to make sure the looks I am creating for you are current and match the 2019 fashion trends.

I hope you are inspired to add some more beige and neutral colours into your wardrobe this year and that this video has helped teach you how to wear neutral colours in 2019!

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White Bra, Kat The Label:

ZARA Camel Trousers:

ZARA Beige Trousers:

Oxford Shop Coat: (on sale)

Oxford Shop Trainers: (on sale)

ZARA Camel Turtle Neck:

Marks & Spencer Black Turtle Neck:

Country Road Dress:




– P.S –

I would love to know what you think of this new style of video! Do you like seeing the close-ups of the items? Comment below!

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