In Grace Sharer last vlog “INTERVIEW LIE DETECTOR TEST on MYSTERY NEIGHBOR!!! (Face Reveal Clues Discovered)” you saw Grace Sharer INTERVIEWING THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR in the SHARE THE LOVE MERCH STORE room at the ORIGINAL SHARER FAM HOUSE. Grace set up a LIE DETECTOR TEST ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR to learn new HIDDEN CLUES about the MYSTERIOUS CAGE. The LIE DETECTOR EXAM included a HIGH TECH COMPUTER that would sound an alarm if she was lying. Grace Sher first question was if this MYSTERY PERSON is ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR or ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER. ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR is still in Los Angeles with Grace Sharer BROTHER STEPHEN SHARER. However, the MYSTER PERSON confirmed that they are a MYSTERY NEIGHBOR and they also have another MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN BROTHER OR SISTER. Mama Sharer wasn’t home, but also wanted to know why the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR is after the SHARER FAM HOUSE. Grace found out that the MYSTERY CAGE is something bad for the BACKYARD POND and could bring the POND MONSTER back out. The new MYSTERY PERSON is trying to DESTROY THE SHARER FAM HOUSE. Grace asked for help from BROTHER STEPHEN SHARER and the SHARER FAM FANS to help PRANK THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. Grace Shar was about to get to the bottom of the UNSOLVED MYSTERY when the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR BRAND NEW IPHONE started ringing. The MYSTERY NEIGHBOR tried to steal the SPY GADGET back but was unsuccessful. Today in Grace Sharer Brand New Vlog for 2020, Grace Sharer prepares to FACETIME MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. Grace Sher goes UNDERCOVER AS MYSTERY NEIGHBOR to find out who is calling by wearing a wig, hoodie sweatshirt and a GREEN AND PINK MASK. Grace disguises her SHARE THE LOVE MERCH sweatshirt by putting black tape on it. Grace forgot the passcode so she calls Mama Sharer to get the TOP SECRET CODE that opens the BRAND NEW IPHONE. Grace and Mama Sharer use the iPhone to FaceTime ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR or another MYSTERY PERSON to find out TOP SECRET CLUES about the MYSTERIOUS CAGE. Grace grabs a VOICE CHANGER SPY GADGET to TRICK THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. When the call begins, a MYSTERY PERSON with a GREEN MASK answers the call asking about the SHARER FAM HOUSE and the MYSTERIOUS CAGE. Watch today’s vlog to find out the RELEASE DATE of the BACKYARD POND mystery!

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