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In Stephen Sharer last vlog “WE STOLE the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR WIG!! (Ellen’s True Identity Revealed)” you saw Stephen Sharer and BEST FRIEND BFF John try and pull ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR WIG off to REVEAL TRUE IDENTITY. The like TWIN BROTHERS waited inside until ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR approached the SHARER FAM HOUSE and got inside the NEW GARAGE REVEAL. Just as the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR was about to go into the TOP SECRET ESCAPE ROOM DOOR to enter the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL, Stephen surprised her with the HOMEMADE DIY PRANKS. Stephen and John celebrated their SUCCESSFUL PRANKS but then noticed a piece of paper with a SECRET CODE for the TOP SECRET UNDERGROUND BUNKER. Today in Stephen Sharer BRAND NEW Vlog for 2020, Stephen Shar and John go back into the UNDERGROUND TUNNEL with SPY NINJA GADGETS with a plan to SPENDING 24 HOURS INSIDE UNDERGROUND BUNKER. Inside the tunnel, Steve discovers that his DIY DREAM BEDROOM TOUR was destroyed again. Once the like TWIN BROTHERS make it to the UNDERGROUND BUNKER, John starts SEARCHING FOR HIDDEN CLUES about the GOLD TREASURE MONEY. Steve Shar and John discover ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR childhood DIY JOURNAL with BRAND NEW EVIDENCE about the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. Stefan and John follow the HIDDEN CLUES around the UNDERGROUND bunker to REVEAL SECRET CODE on the wall. Steve Shar thinks that GOLD TREASURE is hidden in the SECRET HIDDEN BUNKER and he needs to go find it, but then sees a MYSTERY PERSON heading his way. ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR or another MYSTERY PERSON comes inside the UNDERGROUND BUNKER with Stephen Sharer still inside. Watch today’s vlog to see a FACE REVEAL!

▶︎ Flamingo ROBLOX GUESTY… https://youtu.be/Lw56bjqP0_o
▶︎ Dude Perfect Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary https://youtu.be/lbK24iwrYbY
▶︎ FaZe Rug I have to move out because of this… https://youtu.be/QyLYwgCnNec
▶︎ Chad Wild Clay HACKERS MAKE CHAD JOIN Project Zorgo? Mystery Challenge with Melvin PZ9 to Save Spy Ninja Regina! https://youtu.be/UsM5-6snJ8s
▶︎ Lucas and Marcus Last To STOP HOLDING HANDS Wins $10,000! https://youtu.be/UTL9Sgn-T3M
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