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So over the last few years I’ve talked about Kanto quite a bit. From the Most Annoying Pokemon, Ranking the Gym Leaders, and of course all of the possible Best Teams for Kanto. We have had remakes on top of remakes, and mistakes on top of mistakes made with the best team series but it’s always revolved around trying to find the best Pokemon in Kanto and putting them on a team. But things sometimes get in the way of picking out the true best Pokemon in Kanto, whether it’s version exclusivity, being trade evolutions, or just being good in the unconventional sense for a playthrough. That’s why today I am bringing you my list of the Best Pokemon for Kanto, in my opinion of course. Now this list won’t be in any particular order and won’t have to abide by the rules we put in place for a best team. You won’t be seeing the starters because A) they’re not the best in the game and B) They’re Pokemon anyone can expect on a list. Of course there will be Pokemon that you can expect on this list from everything you’ve seen in the best team series, but there will actually be a decent amount of Pokemon that for some reason or another haven’t made it onto a best team. For now though, I will quit rambling and just dive right into these powerful kanto Pokemon.

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