ULTIMATE 100 Layers Challenge (Testing Viral Duct Tape Pranks) MYSTERY NEIGHBOR CLUES REVEALED

Grace is on an UNDERCOVER SPY MISSION to get the TIME MACHINE GADGET that was STOLEN back because Grace’s only job was to protect it, and it got stolen! First Grace uses her BRAND NEW iPhone to check the hidden security cameras at the Sharer Fam House to see if any MOTION DETECTED to see if there was any EVIDENCE CLUES that the Masked Person who may be working with the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER KAREN AND ELLEN has been SPOTTED IN BACKYARD. But wait, Grace sees that there is motion detected in the front yard, right next to where she is hiding! Luckily she spots the Masked Person who is hiding and appears to have multiple spy gadgets in her arms. The good thing is that it seems that Grace has ESCAPED DETECTION from the Masked Person and now the masked person is trying to make their way across the front yard towards the SECRET ENTRANCE into the SHARER FAM HOUSE! Now that Grace is closer, she is able to see that the Masked Person has left a Coca-Cola soda pop bottle right next to the garage door, in her other hand the masked person appears to have a unmarked briefcase, possibly with $10000 Dollars MONEY PRIZE in it. Similar to the POND MONSTER, the masked person is hiding near the tree in the front yard. But wait, Grace discovers that the soda bottle has TOP SECRET INVISIBLE INK WRITING on it and has a SPY AGENT MESSAGE that Grace just accidentally INTERCEPTED! You won’t believe what happens next when Grace sees what the TOP SECRET NOTE says! Today in Grace Sharer new vlog Grace just got back from walking her pet dogs Baby Otter and Cooper Sharer because that is one of her favorite most fun activities to do during the winter. Things take a turn when she sees the PINK AND GREEN MASKED PERSON is setting up a $10000 Dollar Money Prize Challenge that looks to be like one of the TESTING VIRAL CHALLENGES. This time its the 100 LAYERS CHALLENGE! Grace gets Momma Sharer so they can investigate the new CHALLENGE BOARD in the Sharer Fam House Front Yard together. As they start spying on the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS KAREN and ELLEN MASKED PERSON, they see that the PINK AND GREEN MASKED PERSON has left, and all that remains is the CHALLENGE BOARD for Grace and Momma Sharer to investigate for clues and evidence. The first step in this BRAND NEW MYSTERY TOP SECRET MISSION is to pop the balloons on the board to DISCOVER WHICH CHALLENGE GRACE AND MOMMA SHARER WILL DO! The first Challenge they must complete is the 100 LAYERS OF WAX CHALLENGE which means they must dip their hands in wax 100 times to see what it creates! The next balloon that Grace and Momma Sharer pop is the 100 LAYERS OF DUCT TAPE CHALLENGE! This means they must try to wrap duct tape around them 100 times to see if its strong enough to hold them! Wow! You won’t believe the result after taping grace to a tree using 100 LAYERS OF DUCK TAPE! The next VIRAL CHALLENGE for Grace and Momma Sharer to complete is the 100 LAYERS OF SLIME CHALLENGE but wait, Grace already is covered is super sparkly glitter! This slime is very messy but will it hold up to 100 layers?is someone about to do a PRANK ON GRACE SHARER.

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