Last To Leave MYSTERY NEIGHBOR ESCAPE ROOM $10,000 Challenge (Prank on Grace Sharer for 24 Hours)

In Grace Sharer last vlog “Testing VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks Challenge (Winner Gets $10,000) MYSTERY NEIGHBOR SPOTTED” you saw Grace Sharer and Momma Sharer and Baby Otter and Cooper are on a TOP SECRET SPY MISSION to discover what TIKTOK TRENDS are best! First, the Mystery Man Masked Man is at the front door while Grace is sitting inside the Sharer Fam House with Super Cute Dog Baby Otter. For some reason the Pink and Green Mask Person makes a SPECIAL DELIVERY to Momma Sharer with COOKIES just like KAREN AND ELLEN THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS always bring. Once Grace and Momma Sharer try to talk to the Masked Person, they discover that the person has a top secret challenge for them to complete. Similar to Vy Qwaint “We Tested VIRAL TikTok LIFE HACKS, TRICK SHOTS & DANCE CHALLENGES to REVEAL REGINA’S SECRET!” Grace must test BRAND NEW VIRAL TikTok Trends to discover which one is best. First up they try to pop a popcorn kernel using a hair straightener just like VIRAL TIKTOKERS such as Charli D’amelio and Loren Gray. Next Grace tests UNLOCK ANY IPHONE USING THIS SECRET TRICK. After seeing the results of that one, Mama Sharer tests the next FAB OR FAIL challenge using her Brand New IPhone she tests if it will work as a iPhone Blacklight TikTok. The next TikTok to test is the #ChipShrinkChallenge. To do this Grace puts a bag of chips in the microwave and right infront of her eyes the chip bag almost disappears into a mini chip bag TikTok! As Grace and Momma Sharer are about to start the next test, they realize the basement door of the Sharer Fam House is now open! Did someone come in and steal something like the Time Machine Gadget Grace has been hiding while Stephen and John are in Los Angeles? Today in Grace Sharer new vlog Grace and Momma Sharer wake up in a TOP SECRET ABANDONED ESCAPE ROOM INSIDE SHARER FAM HOUSE. TRAPPED INSIDE THE MYSTERY ESCAPE ROOM FOR 24 HOURS, Grace gets a call on her BRAND NEW iPHONE 11 PRO NEW TECH HAUL and sees that the Pink and Green Masked Person like MYSTERY NEIGHBOR ELLEN AND KAREN. To find out what the TOP SECRET PLAN is, Grace answers and discovers that the MASKED PERSON has done a PRANK ON GRACE SHARER. Eager to ESCAPE, Grace and Momma Sharer FORMULATE a MASTER PLAN to ESCAPE UNDERCOVER IN DISGUISE completely UNDETECTED. Grace and Momma make it to the door except there is a DIRECTIONAL LOCK. To find the code, Grace DISCOVERS A EVIDENCE CLUE that could help them escape! Both Grace and Momma Sharer find PLASTIC BALLS with SECRET CODES on them that could help them unlock the SECRET ENTRANCE. Similar to the PINK AND GREEN MASKED PERSON, each ball is colored like 3 MARKER CHALLENGE in pink and green. Each ball, while also being colored, has a SECRET NUMBER and ARROW on it, just like the DIRECTIONAL LOCK! Using the TOP SECRET AGENT CODE, Grace unlock the SPY NINJA GADGET by pressing the CORRECT GADGET SWITCHES to be able to escape. Now that Grace and Momma Sharer are outside the MINI SHARER FAM HOUSE ESCAPE ROOM, they see that the whole house has been covered in caution tape and the stairway has been blocked off. But wait, the door to escape to the main level has been locked, and not only that, there is a sign that says that Grace and Momma Sharer must complete ALL LEVELS of the ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE to be able to finally get out. Next Grace must pass the next level which is a set of INVISIBLE DOORS that leads to a SECRET TUNNEL HIDDEN ROOM inside the SHARER FAM HOUSE ESCAPE ROOM! You won’t believe what happens next when there is a MYSTERY CREATURE hiding on top of the next clue!

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