Unsolved Mysteries That’ll Keep You Up At Night

Mysterious deaths, missing people, unexplained phenomena – sometimes these aren’t just tall tales you tell around the campfire to scare your friends. No, in some cases, they’re all too real. So forget ghost stories: here’s a look at some real unsolved mysteries that will keep you up all night.

Early in the morning of December 1, 1948, people strolling on Somerton beach in Australia discovered a body lying in the sand – and that discovery launched one of the country’s most enduring mysteries.

Following an investigation, authorities revealed some of the weird details. The body belonged to a man who coroners said was in, quote, “top physical condition.” There were no signs of trauma, and no sign of how or why the man died, though they believed he had been poisoned. There were also no clues to the man’s identity, because strangely, not only was he missing identification, all the tags in his clothing had been cut out.

Authorities did, however, find a cryptic note secretly sewn into his clothes – the Persian phrase “Tamam Shud,” which means “finished.” It had been torn out of an 11th-century book of poetry entitled The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The book was later found, and inside was some kind of encoded message using a cypher that still hasn’t been broken. There was also a phone number, which turned out to belong to a woman who lived nearby – and who swore she didn’t know the man at all.

Some speculate he may have been a Soviet spy who was covertly murdered, while others think he was a scorned lover who took his own life. Scientists are hoping DNA tests may soon solve the riddle, but until then, the identity of “Somerton Man” – and the circumstances surrounding his death – remain a mystery.

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