10 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

10 Mysterious Creatures Caught on Camera

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There have always been speculations about presence of mysterious and supernatural creatures on
Earth. There have been various sightseeing of mysterious creatures around the globe. They have been a
subject of numerous movies, documentaries, books. Do these creatures really exist? Did they ever exist?
Or are these merely hoaxes? No matter what the truth is, this video is surely going to drive your
imagination wild. Take a look at some of the mysterious creatures caught on camera.
10-Dragon caught flying in China:
Dragons are of special importance in Chinese history and mythology. They are represented in
celebrations. They are part of Chinese zodiac and are shown in art, films and celebrations during Chinese
New Year. Red dragon is a symbol of China which appears in many Mahjong games. Dragon bones, or
fossils, are used in homeopathic remedies. It is believed that dragons may have actually been dinosaurs
that were able to escape extinction, and that perhaps those reptilian animals responsible for legends of
dragons might even be alive today. It is no surprise that many legends come from China and there have
been some unusual sightseeing there. But this one will surprise you. A man from China claimed to have
captured a flying dragon on camera. In the footage, the dragon appears to be incredibly western with its
reptilian wings and a short body. The creature appears to be flying over the mountains. The area
appears remote, so this may be the only footage of such a sighting.
9-Flying Humanoid over Peru:
There’s not much to this story so far, but what we have is pretty interesting. A strange humanoid UFO
was captured maneuvering through the skies above the Peruvian city of Puerto Maldonado. This UFO
sighting, which is said to be similar to ones witnessed since November 2010, is a part of a phenomenon
called “Flying Humanoid. A paranormal investigator claims to have captured footage of this alien
'humanoid' with a large, glowing blue head levitating across a motorway. Noise and clamour of the
spectators can be heard in the video uploaded as they point to the strange figure in the sky. According
to them, the creature was about half a metre tall, with red eyes and a head the size up a pumpkin. It was
either with a cape or robes. It was witness for five minutes before it vanished into the clouds. There
hasn’t been any progress in the story ever since.
8-Creatures in Shadows:
The following story is from a video uploaded by a YouTube channel CaughtOnTape. The YouTuber is
seen exploring a sewer near his house in various videos uploaded to his channel. On his adventures of
exploring the sewer, he goes there to find traces of unsual things that he believes have been inhabiting
the place. In the video uploaded, he can be seen exploring the sewer day and night in search of
mysterious creatures. In the video while exploring the sewer, he shortly comes across his dead cat there.
This further convinces him that something unusual and hunting might be there in the tunnels. Little did
he know that he had caught the sight of an unusual montser on the camera during his expenditure. But,
he continues to explore the place. We just hope he will not be the next victim of that unusual monster.

7-Sewer Blob of North Carolina:
A video uploaded on YouTube shows a mysterious sewer monster present in a sewer tunnel in North
Carolina. This has raised internet’s curosity. This is a reminiscent of something from the 1958 science-
fiction film, "The Blob" – a beating, pulsating, mysterious, slimy mass that has grabbed widespread
attention across the Internet. In the video, the mysterious mass can be seen living and growing there.
The creature is still unidentified. But some investigations were made and it is claimed now that it may be
nothing more than a colony of tubifex worms. They may not be harmful to the city’s water supply. But
no one is sure about it. This story still remains ‘questionable’ and ‘hoax’ … except this isn’t the first
mysterious ‘alien’ creature seen in North Carolina sewers.
6-Grey Alien caught on camera:
Security cameras help to ensure home safety. They can prevent crimes from happening and quickly
provide material evidence in cases of vandalism and burglary. But sometimes, the footage security
cameras capture leave homeowners with more questions than answers. There is a video uploaded by
Vivian Gomez on Facebook which went viral. Neither this was about a robbery nor about some damage
to the property. But the video featured a clip of clip a short, scrawny figure with wobbly legs and floppy
ears joyously galavanting down a driveway. "So I woke up Sunday morning and saw this on my camera
and am trying to figure out…what the heck??" Gomez captions the black and white security footage. The
mysterious thing resembles those creatures we have seen in most of the science fiction movies.

10 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera
10 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera
10 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera

10 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera

10 Mysterious Creatures Caught On Camera

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