WHAT i GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2019 (Mystery Neighbor Stole Stephen Sharer Ultimate Gift)

Mystery neighbor steals Christmas gift from Grace Share

In Grace Sharer last vlog “LIE DETECTOR TEST Interview Prank on Mystery Neighbor (Ultimate Secret Truth Reveal)” you saw Grace Sharer and her almost twin brother and the Sharer Fam finally got home after intercepting the time machine gadget from the Post Office UPS Store. They learned while in LA after searching for the mystery neighbor twins seen in Stephen Sharer “FOLLOWING MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN for 24 HOURS!! (Found Stolen Time Machine Spy Gadget)” that the Mystery Neighbor Twin Ellen was sending the Top Secret Stolen Time Machine Spy Gadget to her Twin Sister Karen back home near the Original Sharer Fam house in Virginia! They must hide the recovered Time Machine Gadget inside the Sharer Fam house because they know the Mystery Neighbor Twin will be back soon. They hide the Secret Agent Spy Gadget inside the Worlds Smallest escape room inside the Sharer Fam House so that way the Mystery Neighbor Twin will not be able to do a PRANK ON GRACE SHARER and find the Hidden New Tech Computer! Similar to Brent Rivera “Caught My Little Sister Cheating on her “Boyfriend!?” (**Prank)” Grace comes up with an EPIC PRANK ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN idea and invited the Mystery Neighbor over to the house to trick her. While the mystery neighbor isn’t looking, Grace puts a SUPER RARE LIMITED EDITION SECRET AGENT TRACKING DEVICE LIE DETECTOR onto her back! Similar to Rebecca Zamolo “Lie Detector Test on BEST FRIEND to Find TRUTH! (Game Master Brother Reveal) | Rebecca Zamolo” grace questions the Twin about her Twin Sister and why they stole the Time Maxine Gadget and why they are BREAKING INTO SHARER FAM HOUSE! After using her lie detector to get as much EVIDENCE CLUES as possible, the mystery neighbor realizes something is sneaky and tries to escape from the Sharer Fam before being caught! Today in Grace Sharer new vlog, Grace and Stephen Sharer wake up on a WINTER WONDERLAND MERRY CHRISTMAS MORNING! Excited to see what epic presents Santa brought this year, Grace Sharer, Stephen Sharer, and Mama Sharer go downstairs to look at the Christmas tree. Similar to Brooklyn and Bailey “What We Got For CHRiSTMAS 2019 | Brooklyn and Bailey” and Its JoJo Siwa “WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS 2019!!!! – JoJo Siwa” Grace can’t wait to open her presents to see WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! This year Stephen Sharer gave his almost twin sister Grace Sharer the WORLDS BIGGEST MOST EPIC SURPRISE MYSTERY BOX PRESENT EVER!! You won’t believe your eyes when you see whats inside! After they finish opening their happy holidays presents Grace goes up to the SharerFam DIY Secret Escape Room to grab the TOP SECRET SPY GADGET TIME MACHINE GADGET that the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN WAS TRYING TO STEAL! While Grace was going through her awesome brand new presents for 2019, the mystery neighbor twin sister sneaks into the SHARER FAM SAFE HOUSE and steals Graces ULTIMATE SURPRISE CHRISTMAS PRESENT SPY GADGET 2019 New Years RESOLUTION!

▶︎ Brooklyn and Bailey What We Got For CHRiSTMAS 2019 | Brooklyn and Bailey https://youtu.be/JxxuGZQkkO4
▶︎ Troom Troom SELECT Annoying Things Roommates Do / Roommate Wars! https://youtu.be/PyabjG48TwQ
▶︎ Carter Sharer LAST TO LEAVE UNDERWATER HOUSE WINS $100,000 https://youtu.be/Pv6MCMJPA8Q
▶︎ Chad Wild Clay LAST TO BREAK NEW YEARS RESOLUTION WINS $10,000 Challenge – Spending 24 Hours PZ9 vs SPY NINJAS! https://youtu.be/uK8dFKIylkw
▶︎ REGINA IS HIDING SOMETHING IN HER SECRET ROOM! I Reveal Aerobics Workout & Daniel vs Hackers in Car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUQHLvrpsJ0&feature=youtu.be
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