Don’t Grab WRONG Mystery NERF Present !!! Who sent so many MYSTERY presents to us ???

Help us solve the mystery of who might have sent so many presents to us? Was it Game Master or Santa? If it was the Game Master, why would he send so many presents to us?

On the Christmas day, Roman and Max get a lot of mystery present boxes. They wonder who might have sent so many Christmas presents: Game Master or Santa? The mysterious note from sender challenges them to play a Nerf game to get the presents inside the mystery boxes.
Roman and Max accept the challenge and play a game with lots of Nerf guns getting the points for every target they hit. Once they get enough points, they can exchange their points for mystery present box. But, they need to be careful as there are lucky and unlucky boxes.
While the presents Roman and Max get are cool and awesome, the mystery remains: who sent so many mystery presents?

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