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Going behind the controls from the first true ‘dogfighters’

The corpse-lined trenches of Northern France are very well known among the deadliest killing grounds of The First World War. Actually, proportionatly, a much more lethal war was happening within the skies over Europe. The earth’s first flying ‘aces’ were considered because the cosseted ‘glamour boys’ from the Great War. But by 1917, the existence expectancy of the new pilot only agreed to be two days. Inside a couple of years, the amateur enhusiasts and youthful adventurers who composed the embryonic Royal Flying Corps and German Air Pressure have been switched, by bloody circumstance and quickly evolving technology, into callous assassins. Using CGI re-enactment and real-time flying footage, Dogfight will let the viewer to obtain behind the controls from the first true ‘dogfighters’ – the Fokker DR1 Triplane preferred through the well known Richthofen Squadron (Jagdeshwader 1) and also the Sopwith Camel from the Royal Flying Corps – and reveal inside a unique way the way the ‘dance of death’ within the skies evolved. The show will open and make to the climax using the air war’s finest aerial duel and many long lasting mystery – the Red Baron’s last Dogfight.

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