PZ9 LIVES AT SAFE HOUSE!? Surprising Hacker with Giant Mystery Wheel vs Spy Ninjas Trust Challenges


After Chad Wild Clay made the recording “HACKER ROASTS ME inside a Diss Track Rap Fight Royale! We Clapback with this own SPY NINJAS Music Video”, Vy Qwaint produced “PZ9 Includes A SECRET? Stalking Undercover Hacker Spending 24 Hrs at Project Zorgo Headquarters”, and Daniel submitted “DANIEL’S OLD YouTube MUSIC Funnel! Spending 24 Hrs Developing a DIY Rock-band to Draw attention away from Online hackers” towards the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube funnel, the Spy Ninjas discover PZ9 is Regina’s brother! Vy thinks someone broke in to the safe house and required all of those other Spy Ninjas because a home is spotless and clean! Ends up it had been PZ9! He remained at the safe house and cleaned. Through the week, Chad, Daniel and Regina have discovered good reasons to trust PZ9. PZ9 is Regina’s brother and that he even became a member of Daniel’s band! However, PZ9 hasn’t acquired Vy’s trust yet. Vy challenges him to mystery wheel challenges to determine how good he works together with the Spy Ninjas! Will PZ9 gain Vy’s trust? Is he going to perform a face reveal and unmasking? Is he going to live in the safe house? Appreciate watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!

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