BEST UNDERCOVER DISGUISE WINS $10,000 (Spying On Mystery Neighbor to Capture Face Reveal)

Last vlog you saw Stephen Sharer published “OME ALONE PRANK ON Elegance SHARER!! (Stalking Sister For Twenty-four Hrs)” however nowadays the Sharer Fam is heading to the mystery boxes to spread out up another present and obtain a measure nearer to mystery Spy face reveal!! In the current video, the Sharer Fam does an undercover disguise challenge to monitor their mystery neighbor! The Sharers received a high SECRET letter in their home in La letting them know to perform a $10000 challenge using mystery disguises sent to the Sharer Fam house. Inside these boxes are undercover costumes for example officer, cowboy and undercover agent film director. Too is Hollywood makeup artist supplies for example fake mustaches and giant noses. Elegance Sharer, Steven Sharer and finest Friend John are prepared to have an EPIC DIY homemade disguise challenge in which the BEST DISGUISE WINS $10000 so that they all headed within the NEW Share Fam House and into Stephens Bed room to begin a legendary costume reveal. Wearing an imitation nose, fake face, diy makeup from Elegance Sharer Makeup collection beauty guru as well as fake wig to get completely undercover disguise the ultimate reveal of the costumes were so epic!!! The Sharers are utilizing wigs, costumes, makeup along with other spy gadgets to decorate up and PRANK the mystery neighbor (Miss Karen twin). So that they headed out in to the neighborhood to look for the mystery spy and then try to obtain the face reveal to discover who’s the mystery neighbor spy!? Who do you consider has got the best costume and won this epic #10000 warm and friendly #challenge and really should take the money home? #GraceSharer or Steven or John?! Comment lower below that has the very best disguise!!


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▶︎Best $10,000 Challenges https://world wide–NG8zSw4vj

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Mailing Address: Stephen Sharer Youtube #633 2961 A Hunter Mill Rd Oakton, Veterans administration 22124 ————————————————————————————————————————————WARNING: This video is just to keep things interesting purposes. Don’t attempt to recreate the functions within this video. Should you depend around the information portrayed within this video, you assume the duty for that results. Have some fun, but always think ahead, and don’t forget that each project you attempt reaches Your Personal RISK. This footage is property of Stephen Sharer and isn’t permitted to become repurposed without written consent from Stephen Sharer. For just about any demands from media call us at

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