Wisdom From A Mystic | Amanda Edwards

Should you could talk to the forces that guide both you and your existence, can you? Amanda Edwards spiritual Medium and Mystic shares her encounters of contacting the divine and the best way to experience much more of it in your own existence. Also how you can identify when you’re synchronized with this divine knowledge and the best way to center yourself in greater spiritual balance. Learn to find balance and wholeness while you make use of spirit on your own.

3 Value Bombs

#1.) Develop a feeling of reverence, hope and pleasure

#2.) Develop Courage to leap with no internet

#3.) Align yourself with Meditation


(01:56) Exactly what is a Mystic?

(06:20) So How Exactly Does a Mystic Help People?

(09:40) Proof of Spiritual Connections

(13:00) Need for “Wholeness” or “Whole Beingness”

(19:20) Balance of Masculine and Femine

(22:00) What exactly is it like becoming an adult with Mediumship Abilities

(31:40) How residing in spirit altered the taste of existence

(36:26) Who one thing seeks her work?

(38:38) What Amanda Edwards work can perform for you personally

(41:35) Step One of three to Make use of spirit on your own

(47:40) Step Two of three to Make use of spirit on your own

(51:23) Step Three of three to Make use of spirit on your own

(55:00) How you can know when its working

(1:02:10) How you can interact with Amanda

Interact with Amanda:

Spirit Connection • Soul Readings • Guidance For Changemakers

E-Mail: readingswithamanda@yahoo.com

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