VY is BEST FRIENDS With HACKER to Find Regina’s Parents – Funny Pranks & Awkward Moments in Disguise

I Am Going UNDERCOVER to TRICK Project Zorgo

After Chad Wild Clay made IS REGINA A LIAR? Lie Detector Test on Closest Friend about Unpredicted round-the-clock Secret Room Reveal Vlog, Vy Qwaint produced REGINA SECRET ROOM REVEAL! Spending 24 Hrs Finding Files within the Most Mysterious Safe House Place, and Daniel submitted HACKER TRAPS ME inside a MYSTERY BOX in Vehicle for twenty-four Hrs! Last To Depart Escape Room Wins Challenge towards the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube funnel, Regina just required wrong detector test which is says there’s more details about her past within the Project Zorgo Headquarters. The Spy Ninjas go undercover as vacationers to fool the online hackers and obtain in to the server room. Did Project Zorgo erase her memory like they did Daniel’s? The Spy Ninjas separate: Chad and Daniel make their method to the basement while Regina and Vy visit the top pyramid. In order to the very best, the women encounter hacker PZ409 within the elevator. PZ409 compliments Vy’s hair and falls for that tourist’s disguises! Vy makes use of this to her advantage and becomes “best buddies” with PZ409, hoping this hacker would let her know more details about Regina’s erased memory! As PZ409 is opening to Vy and is going to let her know about Regina’s past, Vy’s wig falls off! The hacker fight royales all of them with cleaner spray and traps them in her own escape room! Hopefully, they are not trapped for twenty-four hrs at 3am. Now, ex-hacker girl, Regina must find out about her past. Appreciate watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!

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