VAMPIRE MYSTERY BOX! Adley vs Mom and Dad Halloween Challenge! with Pumpkin Pie and New Surprises đŸ‘»

Isn’t It Time For That SPOOKY SEASON?!

Let us BE SPOOKY Buddies —

HEY Everyone!! It is the spooky Halloween season so we desired to start the enjoyment festivities with an excellent game!! It’s Guess what’s within the mystery box challenge!! My loved ones and that i alternate to stay our hands inside a mystery box and we must guess what is the secert factor is! The first ones to guess it right may be the champion!! We have performed farmville before however this time the theme is Halloween! So there can be some vampire teeth, some pumpkin cake, pumpkin guts, or perhaps spiders!! It had been a lot fun playing farmville with my loved ones!! You should attempt and listen to it in your own home!!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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