New for 2020 Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City just announced new for 2020 Mystic River Falls.

Mystic River Falls, itself a $23 million investment, is a River Adventure that’s themed towards the background and legend from the great Marvel Cave, that was the catalyst for Silver Dollar City six decades ago. Riders will splash through nearly one half-mile (2100’) scenic journey, navigating hairpin turns, high tides along with a hidden mine shaft on greater than a 5-minute trek. Plus, Adventurers will uncover industry-leading special features:

82’ Tall Lift Tower: River Adventurers will ascend a far more than 8-story lift tower, uncovered towards the outside his or her rafts rotate throughout the climb! The rotation elevator lift of four platforms is exclusive for this ride and will also be the only person enjoy it on the planet to increase excessive.

Greater than 6-Story Elevated River Funnel, 180’ Lengthy

The rafts will connect with a heightened river funnel suspended in mid-air 66’ high and travel inside the funnel for 180 straight line ft.

A Great Finale Waterfall of four.5 Tales of Thrilling Adventure!

Racing lower and thru the ride’s queue building, River Adventurers will brave the Mystic River Falls finale…

The Tallest Raft Ride Stop by the Western Hemisphere

4.5 Tales towards the Wettest Splashdown within the Park’s 60-Year History!

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