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Hi guys!! I’m back with a brand new Mystic Messenger comic dub! I think you’ll enjoy~!

COMIC 1: https://milkypasta.tumblr.com/publish/150908248747/seven-chill-mm-secret-ending-1-spoiler-when

COMIC 2: https://ploshun.tumblr.com/publish/180047496937/find-yourself-a-man-that-believes-you-when-you

COMIC 3: https://polkadotpuzzles.tumblr.com/publish/153891310071/mcs-love-for-saeyoung-extends-to-all-sides-and



Seven/Saeyoung – Taco

Vanderwood – BRobVA

Saeran – Alex Orr Veterans administration

https://world wide web.youtube.com/user/Crabcakes125/featured

MC – RoseDubs (Me!)


DONATE: https://world wide web.non profit organizations.org/non profit organizations/american-campaign-prevention-child-abuse-and-family-violence

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“You can, you need to, and when you’re brave enough to begin, you’ll.” – Stephen King


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