Playing the AQUADRUM in “Mystic” Tuning

Percussionist, Kalani Das, plays the AQUADRUM within the MYSTIC tuning. Learn more about this instrument at http://world wide

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Audio Recorder:

Audio Shotgun Mic:

Camera Shotgun Mic:

Primary Tripod:

Second Tripod:

Overhead Camera Clamp:

Audio Mixer:


Loop Station:

Studio Lights:

Eco-friendly Screen:


Media Storage: or

Mixing Loudspeakers:

Books by Kalani:

About Congas:

About Bongos:

About Jembe:

About Hands Percussion:

West African Drum & Dance:

Together in Rhythm:

The Astonishing Jamnasium:

Recorders in Rhythm:

Kalani’s World Rhythms:

The clear way of Music:

Videos by Kalani

Drum Fun – Musical Games for Groups:

Play Ukulele:

Play Cajon:

Play Congas:

The Drum Circle – A Musical Approach:

Hula for Existence:

Suggested Drums & Accessories:

Large Conga:

Medium Conga:

Small Conga:

Professional Conga Bag:

Small Luxurious Conga Bag:

Large Luxurious Conga Bag:


Small Speaking Drum:

Rope Tuned Ashiko:


Cajon Package:

Laptop Cajon:

Siam Fantasy Cajon:

Dark Iris Cajon:

Traditional Style Djembe:

Traditional Marble Finish Djembe:

Traditional Pro Djembe:

Pro Finish Traditional Djembe:

11” Djembe Substitute Mind:


Professional Ksing Ksing for Djembe:

Suggested Hands Percussion:



Headedless Tambourine:

Headed Tambourine:

Moon Tambourine:

Cow Bell:

8” Triangular:

10” Triangular:

Red Guiro – Plastic:

Rumba Claves:

Hardwood Claves:

Temple Block:

Small Caxixi:

Gold Aluminum Tube Shaker:

Bamboo Rain Stick:

Fiberglass Shaker:

Merengue Guira:

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