HIDDEN TREASURE!! Come allow us to solve the mystery from the locked Banking Center within our Legoroom Hotel! We get you on the wild adventure with the New Lego Castle hotel and produce you special behind the curtain footage of where we remained for Ethans Birthday vacation!! Visit a Very important personel look within our Accommodation and find out a chuckle footage once we use a wild treasure search!! What is locked inside this Lego Mystery Banking Center?! Let us discover! Stay tuned in once we provide you with much more footage out of this unforgettable Birthday vacation! Thank you for watching and discussing the enjoyment around!!

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ā˜†About Hardcorllector Channelā˜†

Hardcorllector is really a Warm And Friendly Toys and Card Collecting funnel that’s fun for audiences of all ages but focuses mainly at kids and the collecting! The Father is called Hardcorllector (for always as being a hardcore collector) and also the boy is termed as EthanMonster (known as a “monster” since as being a mischievous baby). CARL is really a Retailer who opened up a genuine store in their house and is known to become a very shady character! Mother is camera shy as the littlest one Baby Arianna is going to be appearing on special moments within the funnel. Every so often special guest and buddies can look to assist combined with the fun! This funnel is warm and friendly fun rather than uses foul language or anything considered too mature. They collect from Pokemon cards and toys, plushes, Legos, Pixar Cars, Marvel and Electricity Figures, Hot Toys, The Exorcist, Disney merchandise as well as other movie products. Furthermore they’ll be gaming like pokemon application games as well as in the approaching future more family oriented games. This is actually the spot to benefit from the hobby of collecting and revel in a few of the funniest family connecting toy and card unboxings you’ll ever see! SHARE The Enjoyment!

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