Giant Mystery Rainbow Cubes! What’s Inside? Cutetitos Series 2, L.O.L. Surprise, Ryan’s World

Today, Jon hides a lot of Giant Mystery Rainbow Cubes around our backyard for Penelope to locate! What’s Inside? It might be either Cutetitos Series 2, L.O.L. Surprise toys, Ryan’s World toys, Poopsie Toys or free!

Many thanks to Fundamental Fun Toys & Cutetitos for delivering us these adorable Cutetitos Series 2 plush toys!

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Much more about Cutetitos:

In line with the current trend of pets folded in blankets like burritos, Cutetitos are adorable collectible stuffed creatures wrappe and hidden in burriot blankets that children can unroll and uncover! Twelve NEW figures are moving out for Series 2, together with a Dolphinito, Donkito, Koalito and Narwhalito! With new special fur and tufts of hair, Series 2 features a lot of fun surprises. Each Cutetito includes its very own burrito blanket, personality “HotSpot” (mild, medium, hot or super spicy), along with a Pet Collector card using the pet’s name, species and birthday. Collect all 12 – ncluding some super rare! Ages 3+

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