Barbie and Daisy Race to Paris to solve the Mystery | Barbie Travel Mysteries: Finale | Barbie

All the gemstones around the globe have brought Barbie dolls and Daisy for their final challenge! Can they have the ability to save the Hireling Shepherd? Can they think it is before Pietro does making it back in its history for that finest dance party in Paris? #Barbie dolls #BarbieTravelMysteries

The dolls incorporated within this video are:

Travel BarbieFWV25 (Barbie dolls):

Travel DaisyFWV26 (Daisy):

Ken Fashionista DWK44 (Deschamps) Ken Fashionista DWK44 (Pietro)

Travel NikkiGBH92 (Nikki):

Barbie dolls HelicopterFWY29:

Royal Ball Princess GFR44 (Adelaide)

Rainbow Sparkle Hair FXN95 (Chloe)

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About Barbie dolls Travel Mysteries:

Hi everybody! Come with us once we take Barbie dolls and Daisy around the world. Because they travel they’ll uncover mysteries everywhere they’re going. Becoming an worldwide adventurer is about curiosity, bravery, and venturing in to the unknown. Follow Barbie dolls & Daisy about this journey filled with fun, while understanding amazing landmarks all over the world. Can’t wait to uncover the planet together!

About Barbie dolls:

For more than six decades, Barbie dolls has brought women on the road to self-discovery and helped these to think of the options. After over 180 inspirational careers, Barbie—along together with her buddies and family—continues to inspire and encourage generation x of women that they’ll be anything.

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Barbie dolls and Daisy Race to Paris to resolve the Mystery Barbie dolls Travel Mysteries: Finale Barbie dolls

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