This Is The Weirdest Unsolved Mystery Up To Date!

There are many unsolved mysteries that everyone knows about. Who was Jack the Ripper? What’s in area 51? What IS the Bermuda Triangle? How does Paul Rudd look so young? Here are ten of the world’s weirdest unsolved mysteries. The question is: Which of these are the weirdest?

10. The Voynich Manuscript

For all bibliophiles and language fanatics out there, the Voynich Manuscript is one of the world’s most engaging mysteries. Where and when this tatty old book was written is unknown, but cryptologists’ best guess is 15th Century Italy. But not only can we not be sure where & when it’s from, we have no idea what any of it says. The entire manuscript is written in a mysterious unknown language. Whether the manuscript is written in some long-lost language of the past, or in an all-new script of the author’s creation is unclear. All we know is that nobody yet has managed to crack the code. 240 pages of untranslatable text, it’s the single-most infamous case in cryptology history. So, what is it? Harry Potter 8? A third Bible testament? Shakespeare’s long last sequel to Love Labour’s Lost? Most evidence suggests it’s something related to alchemy. Those alchemists were up to all sorts! Who knows what wonders we may find within, if it’s ever decoded?

9. Francis Leavy’s Handprint

Some mysteries concern people or things vanishing without a trace, but this one concerns something that just won’t go away. In April 1924, the usually chipper Chicago Firefighter Francis Leavy had a strange turn of heart. A moody disposition took hold. Whilst washing one of the station’s windows he stopped, pressed his hand against the glass and told his colleagues he had been hit with a strange feeling that he would die that day. Leavy’s premonition was right. At 7pm that evening Leavy and his fellow officers raced to a four-storey building known as Curran’s Hall that was consumed in flames. Leary died, on duty, when the roof caved it.

Upon returning to the station, Firefighters saw Leavy’s handprint still on the window. Not so mysterious. But what IS mysterious is that no-matter how hard they tried to wash the window- the hand print never went away. Leavy refused to be forgotten. His handprint remained, for two whole decades. Maybe Leavy’s ghostly spirit lived on. Or maybe he just had REALLY dirty hands.

8. Overtoun Bridge

Overtoun Bridge in Scotland is no ORDINARY bridge. This bridge is the Bermuda Triangle of dogs. Since the 1950’s an estimated 50 dogs have, when being walked across the bridge, spontaneously hurled themselves over the edge- tumbling to their death. Canine psychologist Dr. Sands has examined every inch of the bridge and the land below, taking into account smell and sound. What is it the dogs can smell or hear that we can’t? What is it that’s driving so many dogs to suicide? Dr. Sands noted that the surrounding foliage could make the area look, from a dog’s lower eye line, like flat ground- meaning they didn’t know they were jumping from such a great height. That, combined with the odour of male mink urine, is luring dogs to jump in the hope of catching a mink, only to tumble into the abyss below. But local hunter John Joyce is not convinced, adamantly insisting there are no mink in the area, leading to other theories. That part of Scotland has a long history of paranormal myths: fairies, spirits, ghosts. Could an ethereal otherworldly creature be summoning them away to doggo heaven? Or maybe they just all HATE their owners…

7. The Pennsylvania UFO Incident

In 1965, citizens of six separate U.S. states reporting seeing a huge fireball in the sky. If one or two people reported it you could maybe say they were not of their right mind, it was the 60’s after all. But enough people reported it to warrant a thorough investigation. Sadly, those hoping for an alien landing were left disappointed. They claimed it was nothing but a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. Despite this- something definitely landed. After decades of mystery and intrigue, in 2005 NASA finally admitted that they examined the area and had found fragments they determined to be from a crashing Russian Satellite. Mystery solved? Right? Not quite. Not aiding their story was that when asked to show records of their findings, they claimed to have lost the records in the 90’s. Following a court order under the Freedom of Information Act, NASA tried to find the records.

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