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in 2018, we lived for chunky sneakers, wide-leg culottes and structured blazers. And if forecasted 2019 fashion trends are any indication, we’ll spend the new year taking this penchant for items that help us take up space to new levels. Of course, you can always do the “new year, new you” thing and just replace a bunch of worn-out basics (we’re looking at you, hole-filled underwear and yellowing white tees), or you can look at 2019 as a moment to truly refresh your wardrobe.

What woman will you be in 2019, and what would that woman wear? Our answer: the 2019 fashion trend power suits, AKA the perfect nod to your power-pose, closet edition.

Power suits tend to live in a surprisingly controversial space. Early feminists said it was the ultimate challenge to the patriarchy, because who needs femininity? Then came the argument that feminine can be just as strong and game-changing, and we don’t need to dress like men, so let’s reclaim it, shall we?

While these conversations are worthy of nuance and deconstruction on both sides, ultimately we want to celebrate power suits as a form of art.

With the rise of Instagram fashion, we’re able to see more than ever what people from all over are wearing. What we love about 2019’s power suits is their ability to give us options both in terms of form, and function. Would you wear a power suit to brunch at a friend’s apartment? What if it was made of silk? Would you wear a power suit to a wedding, or to work, or on a first date? What if it featured sharp shoulders, or a drop-crotch, or no real shape at all?

What defines our power, and what defines our power suits? Scroll down to see 13 of our faves. Suits 2019 Trajes
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Paris fashion week -
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