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Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) is an American television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson and produced by Best Brains, Inc. The show premiered on KTMA (now WUCW) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on November 24, 1988. The next year, in 1989, the show began its national run on The Comedy Channel/Comedy Central, running for seven seasons on that channel until its cancellation in 1996. The following year, it was picked up by The Sci-Fi Channel and aired for three more seasons there until another cancellation in August 1999 (although repeats continued until 2004). A sixty-episode syndication package titled The Mystery Science Theater Hour was produced in 1995.

In 2015, Hodgson led a crowdfunded revival of the series with 14 episodes in its eleventh season which was released on Netflix. As of November 22, 2018,[update] 217 episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 have been released, concluding the twelfth season.[1] A feature film, titled Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, was also released on April 19, 1996.


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    • 2.6 Season 5 (1993–94)
    • 2.7 Season 6 (1994–95)
    • 2.8 Season 7 (1995–96)
    • 2.9 Film (1996)
    • 2.10 Season 8 (1997)
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    • 2.13 Season 11 (2017)
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Series overview[edit]


Episodes are listed in production number order, not production order or air date order. The episode title is next, and if the original film title is different from the episode title, the former follows in parentheses. If the episode features any shorts, they are listed below. In the third column is the film’s initial release year, a color/black & white notation, the production company (if known), and the country of origin. The last column shows the initial air date of the episode. Below this is a brief synopsis of the featured movie and shorts, with significant cast/production/character notes or changes noted in italic.

KTMA-TV (1988–89)[edit]

Season 1 (1989–90)[edit]

Season 2 (1990–91)[edit]

Season 3 (1991–92)[edit]

Season 4 (1992–93)[edit]

Season 5 (1993–94)[edit]

Season 6 (1994–95)[edit]

Season 7 (1995–96)[edit]

Film (1996)[edit]

Season 8 (1997)[edit]

Season 9 (1998)[edit]

Season 10 (1999)[edit]

Season 11 (2017)[edit]

The eleventh season of the series is listed by Netflix as Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return.

Season 12 (2018)[edit]

The twelfth season, consisting of six episodes, was released on Netflix on November 22, 2018.[6] The season is presented as Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet, where, in-universe, the Mads are challenging whether Jonah and the bots can sit through six bad movies back-to-back.[7]

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1. Episode 104 was both the last episode of Season 1 to be produced and to air. Despite this, it was given the lower production number.[8]
2. Due to issues with the movie rights, Episode 1003 debuted a month after the series finale first aired.[9]


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